The Installation
The natural electrical signals of four living plants affect the playback of sounds drawn from nature: earth (tumbling rocks), air (wind), water (a stream), and fire (crackling). These sounds are normally in balance with each other. But when you trigger a sound associated with human activity on the ipad, it distorts, punctures and degrades the layer of nature sounds. When the human sound(s) finish playing (or you stop one), the nature sounds slowly regain equilibrium, but their relationship to one another is permanently altered. You can see a similiar process transpiring on the video screen with the live 3D graphics.

For what purpose?
It is difficult for us to forsee the effects our actions will have on our environment, several years in the future. Metanoic echos allows us to see and hear how familiar sounds associated with human activity affect an auditory ecosystem on a time-scale of minutes, instead of years.

The optimistic hope for a positive outcome to the current climate crisis is reflected in the way the system always finds a way to realign itself, even after it endures violence.
Metanoic Echos is a fairly complex installation from both a hardware and software perspective. You can read more about our long journey at this companion web site. You can also view a poster we created for the 2019 Society for Music Theory national conference here. Finally, you can view our successful grant application, which contains further details.

Building the Installation