Media (Photos & Videos)

These panels are part of the installation and can also be viewed here.

Before we struck Metanoic Echos on 3 May 2022, we made this documentary video. It's also on YouTube.

Here are a few extra still images from the footage we shot.

We had a public roundtable discussion on Friday, 22 April 2022. The participants were Dr. John Stolz (biology), Dr. Pinar Geylani (economics), Fr. James Okoye (theology), Dr. Jeffrey Mccurry (philosophy) and Dr. Paul Miller (music). You can watch the entire video below.

You can download a four-channel multichannel audio file in aif format that we made just before striking the installation. If you have a DAW such as Logic, you can play this quadrophonic audio file, or bus the channels such that you can listen to it in stereo.

Listening to this in stereo (two channels) will give you a certain vague experience.